Old Forest School at the Tauranga Wedding Show

Eekkkk, immediate state of panic, feeling like one of those fainting goats on YouTube, actually am I breathing ? Yes, good,  those were some of my first thoughts when Rochelle from The Tauranga Wedding show contacted me back in April 2013. She had heard through the age old grape vine about Old Forest School – Vintage Wedding Venue, knew we were about to enter the BOP wedding market as a new venue and as I later found out, quite rightly, NEEDED to be at the show.
Wow, five years of chugging away on this somewhat huge project I had to think seriously about getting my big girl shoes on and take this vision to the most critical audience so far, our future clients.  Check, still breathing, yes, on we went. I can’t tell you the number of sleepless nights I had worrying about our little stand, what it would look like, would it represent the essence of a little country school in the middle of a forest.  We were not a swanky posh wedding venue, we had a humble, honest country style offering.  How was it going to go down.
Tauranga Wedding Show
Well I’m delighted to say that I look back so fondly at that day, you guys LOVED us !!  You loved our differences !  You ‘got’ us and you started visiting and booking to have your wedding at Old Forest School and you keep coming. Overnight our Facebook likes swelled from 100 (mostly our patient friends and family wondering if it was safe to come for a holiday or if they would be roped into doing some painting) to 200.  Today, a mere five months later and we have nearly 700 of you amazing people supporting Old Forest School.  Feeling very loved xxx
The show was also an incredible networking event.  I met so many amazing people who are part of the wedding scene in the Bay of Plenty.  You are truly blessed to have so many great choices for celebrating a wonderful day.  When you choose us our heart swells and I’m feeling less and less like a fainting goat and more like a special part of an incredible community.