Lovelock Lane at wedding venue

Old Forest School (wedding venue) has recently set up a Lovelock wall. Couples getting married at Old Forest School can place an engraved padlock on the wall and then toss the key into the adjacent forest. Within the first couple of weeks of setting up the wall we’ve already had the first engraved padlocks added permanently […]

Company Christmas Party – Zespri

About 150 people from Zespri enjoyed Old Forest School as the venue for their 2013 company Christmas Party. A delicious lunch was provided via five mobile food vendors, including La Mexica, Food By Design, Tag Burger, Dutch Queen and Spongedrop. The team form Zespri made full use of the extensive facilities at Old Forest School, […]

BOP Regional Council Christmas Party

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council enjoyed a sunny afternoon and evening at Old Forest School for their 2013 Christmas Party. Everyone arrived on a bus wearing school uniform, old sandals, backpacks and caps got dusted off and donned for the day’s festivities. Later in the evening there were some old-school games like egg and spoon races […]

Old Forest School at Hitched – The Rotorua Wedding Show

After the panic of Tauranga Wedding Show, I was feeling a little more seasoned for Hitched – The Rotorua Wedding Show.  Peter Duncan, organizer of the show is pretty damn good at making even the most neurotic exhibitor feel like an absolute super star so perhaps that had a little something to do with it. […]

Plenty to keep guests entertained at Tauranga venue

When you’re planning a special event, nothing seems to bother people more than worrying about keeping their special guests happy during the day. Old Forest School is a Rotorua, Whakatane, Te Puke, Tauranga venue that has that worry seriously under control. Worry no more beautiful people !