Flowertime Flower Show Brussels wedding venue Tauranga

Wedding Venue Owners attend the Flowertime Show in Brussels

In August we (Su-an and Alistair) had the chance to attend a huge floral show in Brussels. For 5 days Flowertime presents Europes top floral artists a chance to decorate the historic rooms of the City Hall of Brussels from wall to floor to ceiling.

The Town Hall of Brussels is within the Grand Place which is the main square in the historic centre of Brussels.

With more than 100,000 flowers, 30 plus floral artists and 13 magnificent historical rooms. Flowertime is a treat for any flower or architecture lover. We took the opportunity to photograph many of the floral masterpieces, the displays were breathtaking, artistic and sculptural.

There were many examples of using structures to create interesting shapes and forms as a backdrop for the florals. Wooden hoops, archways, large metal canopy structures, small wooden boxes with glass jars, or huge oval wooden hanging shapes.

Even some wedding inspiration using a collection of old bicycles and trikes.

String was used extensively to create height and vertical interest.

Lights were intertwined within the floral installations.

Natural structures were also used, a combination of tree branches arranged artistically with colourful bouquet balls and a moss ground cover or a backdrop of bamboo sticks tied together to again create vertical interest. Twigs and berries made for a wonderful almost fairy like arrangement.

It was an amazing experience to attend Flowertime, lots of ideas, inspiration and discussion was generated from our visit.