How to pick the right entertainment for your event venue

This guest post is written by Brendan from 11degrees Entertainment about choosing entertainment for you event venue. 

When choosing entertainment for your function the first hurdle you need to overcome is budget. After all the other expenses (catering, venue etc…) “How much have I got left to spend on entertainment?”

I think where possible get a band because live music is always better but when you are on a limited budget DJ’s are less expensive than bands, can fit into smaller spaces, play more variety, don’t take breaks and, volume wise are easily controlled. There are however a fair few DJ’s out there and their quality is varied on many levels.

With the introduction of iTunes and similar music content providers accessibility to music has become more available and cost effective than the historical alternatives.

So with events this has given rise to your “backyard” DJ or the bride’s brother’s best friend’s mate’s play list on his iPhone providing the unmanaged and uncharted tapestry for your celebration…. you can imagine what happens next?

If that doesn’t paint a clear enough picture, have you ever been to a function where there was a jukebox? Hopefully I’m beginning to make my point.

Like all forms of art music is a very personal and everybody has their own idea of what is “Good” and “Danceable”. Let’s not forget an under powered home theatre sound system that’s going to struggle with the volume output required for a party without distortion or the system blowing up!

Oh let’s now add alcohol… you now have a recipe for a challenging night and chaos on the dance floor.

Professional DJ’s have an important role to play so don’t underestimate their value when it comes to music choice, equipment supply and crowd control.

DJ’s will charge per hour with generally a minimum of 3 hrs. Some will provide their own gear while others won’t and do they have backups should equipment fail?

Some will not play requests or talk to the audience so make sure you know what you’re getting. You also have every right to inform them of your dress code for the event. T Shirt and jeans won’t work for a formal function or it may be themed so they should be too!

If they are cheap it’s likely that they are inexperienced or some of the boxes above aren’t ticked.

As with all purchases “Caveat Emptor – Let the buyer beware”… Ask questions so you are not surprised on the night.

Hopefully I have offered some insights for your next event so you make the right choice not the cheapest one so plan ahead.

Remember, good food will satisfy short term but your entertainment will be remembered for years!

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