Luci & Calum

We are chill but love adventure! For us, nothing beats a weekend at home in our own company but going out hiking and exploring comes in a close 2nd! We’re a bit more home body right now as we’ve just moved into our 2nd house but big plans to travel and explore shortly now that we’re married too! 

I’ve always had some sort of vision for my wedding day but I remember finding Old Forest School  just by a Google search and when looking at the photos I fell in love and I knew because after only seeing photos online, I could picture our whole wedding day in 1 moment. 

We booked 2 years almost exactly! Booked late Feb 2020 and got married late Feb 2022. It was perfect timing for us as we still had time to save and boy was that needed!!!! 

Our vibe was really just to show who we are and we totally did that! We’re not fancy out there people so wanted minimal, elegant and we did exactly that.

Best tip for people getting married at Old Forest School…

The only thing that I regret feeling on my day was stress in the morning instead of having fun! I was stressed as I didn’t think about who was setting things up properly on the day (covid got in the way for us and the person setting up) I would totally recommend getting a professional to help set up the morning of as OFS allows morning of only. 

The month of the year we got married…

February. We decided as we wanted to (hopefully) have nice weather! And we absolutely did! No special date or anything, but now it is special of course!

Our Photographer…

I was on the hunt and came across a competition for one of the photographers I was considering and I actually placed 3rd in the competition so got a full package deal minus $1000 so I definitely didn’t want to pass that up and she was an award winning photographer too, how good!?

We did table arrangements ourselves, parts of the signs, planning. I didn’t realise how hectic planning a wedding was and to be honest, if I hadn’t just had one of my best friends get married with a wedding planner and have her help with almost everything, I would have been super stressed and wanted a planner.

  • Aisle song: This Kind Of love by Sister Hazel. Just a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics.
  • Reception entry I actually can’t remember if we even played it!
  • First dance: Beautiful War by Kings Of Leon, my husband loved the lyrics of this song and it resonated with him so naturally I loved it! 

Big yes to seating plan! Would do it that way again for sure. We didn’t want anyone moving chairs to tables and having an overflow of people at one table and less at another.

The part of our day guests are still talking about…

The reception! I guess music, games Old Forest School had and food won! 

We had family style. I would actually maybe choose differently next time. There didn’t end up being enough for everyone to be full enough! 

Just had a Spotify playlist from a laptop. Dj or live band wasn’t important to us, we just wanted to boogie and have fun with music we knew everyone would love! (And bonus it saved us money) 

Our favourite photo spot at Old Forest School…

In front of the little barn! LOVE

The best part about married life…

Not having planning a wedding consume your thoughts!!! Lol. Seriously, best part is just being able to spend every moment knowing you are both fully in to committing to each other in every single way. Having a partner in crime for all things and every night is a sleepover with your best friend 🙂 

Vendor shout out…

Bethany Howarth Photography & Samantha Donaldson Photography 
Voyage Gourmet catering
Flora In the Wild floral – Shirelle is amazing!!