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The arrival of three new goosie friends

Getting Old Forest School looking in tip top shape for a new season of events takes a whole team working hard. So to help with some critical lawn maintenance activities we’ve recently recruited the services of three new friends. The three new feathery friends are a very small gaggle of Pilgrim Geese, two ladies, Martha and Gertie, plus one lad, George. They are excellent foragers, grazing and feeding on dandelions and other weeds, as well as on grass. They will naturally keep lawns down and at the same time fertilise the pasture. Pilgrim Geese are known for their friendly and docile temperament, they have a calm and quiet disposition. Furthermore they have curious personalities and a very good sense of their environment due to their strong vision.

Our three geese are now all less than 2 years old, and will be around at Old Forest School for quite some time. Pilgrim geese can live for about 15-20 years!!… so our new friends will be working diligently on lawn maintenance for many, many years to come. The next time you stop by make sure you look out for their friendly faces and charming ‘honk’ as they come over to say hello.