Wedding Venue Win in the Te Puke Times

Well didn’t we just feel like prom queens, us girls, bringing home the Rotorua Wedding show award for Most Outstanding Exhibit of the 2013 show. I think the Old Forest School house swelled a little with well deserved pride when that trophy was proudly displayed in its room.  It’s been a long journey, that little school house and us.  So glad we stuck together.
It was so sweet that our local Te Puke Times newspaper even felt it fitting to share of our wedding venue, celebrating by writing a lovely article all about Old Forest School and its success at the show.  Shout it out I say, this precious piece of NZ rural history was almost dust.
Neat to broadcast to so many locals the achievements of a historical Te Puke site, go Rotoehu !
As a result we had lots of local families popping by to view the trophy, standing in all its glory in the school house and to partake in tea and cake of course, what a fabulous excuse, ha like I ever need an excuse for tea and cake !
Pauline Carney, editor from the Te Puke times has always been a great supporter of ours.  Happily promoting reunion picnics etc that we have held at the school.  Thank you Pauline, from everyone, past and present, here at Old Forest School xxx
Te Puke Times OFS