The Store

Old Forest School has a long history dating back to its original establishment in 1933. Over the years various items have found themselves on the property. Some have been purchased or donated and even in some cases literally dug out of the ground. We use a lot of these items to decorate the property, however when they’re not on display they live in The Store, a series of rustic tin clad buildings gathered around our idyllic wildlife pond. 

In the carefully curated space of our store, our aesthetic journey unfolds like a symphony, effortlessly blending the contemporary with the antique. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen, resonating not only with visual allure but also with a tangible connection to lives that came before. The charm of antiques lies in their stories, inviting us to imagine the hands that once touched them or the eyes that beheld their beauty. Fragments of history, like handwritten notes or tucked-away photos, become integral, preserved elements of each piece.

Preservation isn’t just a practice; it’s our ethos. We’ll mend frayed edges and address woodworm issues if needed, but altering the core essence of an antique is considered sacrilege. These artefacts, as custodians, stand as guardians of the past, encapsulating narratives that we honour.

In a world captivated by transient trends and momentary colour palettes, our focus remains steadfast. The allure of the latest trends doesn’t sway us; we seek pieces embodying enduring beauty that transcends the whims of time. The notion of succumbing to consumerism’s voracious appetite, perpetuating the demand for landfills, evokes a sense of disheartenment. Antiques offer a reprieve, a sustainable and cherished alternative. Appreciating and respecting objects weathered by over a century is akin to cradling them in a gentle embrace, a sentiment far removed from ruthlessness or brutality. In the realm of antiques, each piece becomes a celebration of endurance and a testament to the art of cherishing the timeless.

At any one time inside The Store you’ll discover a sizeable and eclectic collection, it’s always changing, growing and evolving, but can include old school globes, wooden and tin signs, railway seats, benches, tools, lighting, old ceramics, retro paintings and prints, books, metal shelving, tin oil cans and much more.

All the items in the store have just the right amount of rust, gentle wear, history and life that makes it a perfect place to rest and enjoy the gently tumbling water of the wildlife pond and the encouraging honks of the two geese that occupy the pond. 

On very rare occasions we do open The Store for people to visit, and if they apply the right amount of persuasive arm twisting, visitors might be even able to purchase something. 

If you’d like us to let you know about upcoming open days at The Store then please fill out the form below. You can slow follow The Store on instagram.


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