Tattoo and other animals at our Wedding Venue

We have a whole host of animals at our wedding venue.

Tattoo, an 8 year old gelding, is super friendly and popular. He’s really relaxed and loves meeting new people. Tattoo will even letĀ people he’s only just met place funny looking hats on his head, and then stay still for long enough to have his photo taken. I think you’ll agree that in spite f the hat, Tattoo looks rather handsome and distinguished.

animals at our wedding venue

W have a bunch of other animals too. A couple of dogs (Halo who is the subject of Little Miss Rose’s photos and Mackie who is much less famous), 3 precocious cats (Pudding, Huckleberry and Milly), a bunny (Cotton), 2 sheep (Button and Thimble), a large group of chickens (too many to name).

We often get asked about whether couples can bring animalsĀ onto Old Forest School for their wedding.

The answer is usually YES, with a depends. It really depends on your animal friend and how you plan to transport and manage them on the day. We can certainly accommodate most situations, if it’s important to you, just have a chat with us and we’ll see what we can work out.

We have had people ask about horses, goats, and dogs already.

animals at our wedding venue hat