Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Popular at Tauranga Venue

Having an outdoor wedding ceremony at Old Forest School has become a very popular option.

There is really something quite magical about wedding celebrations that take place outdoors, for the couple as well as for your guests.

At Old Forest School we have a number of gorgeous places that many of our couples have a difficult time choosing from.  Outdoor ceremonies provide a perfect combination of relaxed style and intimacy. There’s so much natural beauty with the flowers, the trees, the fresh air, the sunshine. And once you add your own special touches and inspiration your ceremony can be breathtaking and unique. If you have decided to have your wedding in a outdoor setting, here are just a few gorgeous ideas to choose from to make your area picture perfect…

  • Rustic signs. Lead your guests in the right direction with a hand drawn sign on a rustic chalkboard.
  • Ribbons in the trees. Tie strips of fabric or ribbons from tree branches to create a whimsical backdrop to proceedings.
  • A pair of standing doors perfectly sets the ceremony scene, and the type of doors can make a major statement.
  • Use a specific shape or symbol that’s running throughout your wedding design, then consider creating a large floral version for your ceremony backdrop
  • If you’re in the middle of gorgeous scenery, why not try a ceremony in the round? Not only will your guests get a unique view, but you’ll also be surrounded by your loved ones during that special moment.
  • Lots and lots of hanging streamers feel fun and festive, adding a bit of whimsy to your big moment.
  • Hang empty picture or window frames in all different shapes and sizes.

Old Forest School Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Door

Here are some things to consider though if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony…

  • Soft seating options. Many seats that are used outdoor are  iron or wood, which may get uncomfortable if your guests are sitting on them for long periods of time. The pillows also add an extra decorative touch.
  • Think about hydration. If it’s going to be warm make sutra you’ve got plenty of water for your guests to drink.
  • Shade. Ideally choose a spot which has some shade or provide your guests with parasols as an option or turn your wedding program into a fan.
  • Bugs. have some insect repellant available for your guests to use.

Old Forest School Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Wall Old Forest School Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Aisle