Mr Whippy

Looking for a slightly alternative, nostalgia inspiring dessert for your wedding? Nothing gets the kids (let’s be honest, and the adults) queuing and smiling faster than the familiar jingle and sugary goodness of Mr Whippy.

The local (Tauranga) Mr Whippy team, Ross and Ann are super cool people. They’ve even let the grooms live out their childhood dreams by driving the Mr Whippy van (with the bells playing) to their eagerly awaiting guests. Talk about making an entrance.

mrwhippy mrwhippy2 mrwhippy3 mrwhippy4

If you want to get in touch with Ross and Ann send them an email on or give them a call on 07 578 2353 or 022 156 4319. If you’re not near Tauranga and you’d like to book a Mr Whippy van then go to to find your local.

Photos courtesy of Little Miss Rose Photography