Hamish and Vicki at Old Forest School wedding venue

Hamish and Vicki talk about choosing Old Forest School as their wedding venue.

“We decided to have our wedding at Old Forest School and loved every part of this venue. The class room was perfect for a vintage type ceremony.  The tennis court and surrounding area was excellent for drinks and games. We haven’t got our photos yet but I am sure they will be amazing with a huge range of options, even being able to have total forest surroundings. The hosts were extremely accommodating and went to great lengths to make our wedding day awesome. Highly recommend anyone who is looking for a venue to check this place out.”

“I cannot speak highly enough about this venue.  Old Forest School is a pinterest dream!  I am entirely sure there is no better wedding venue in New Zealand.  The owner Su-An and her lovely family have created the perfect venue.  It is so picturesque, our photographer was in heaven, and everywhere you look are little details that just blow you away. The owners are just lovely.  They are so easy to deal with (respond to emails immediately), are so accommodating (they even got us an overlooked fire permit on the day with minutes to spare!), and were genuinely enthusiastic about our wedding even though they see so many!  There are also none of the limitations that lots of other venues impose so you are free to create a wedding that is unique to you and not just one like every other wedding. Old Forest School was also extremely cost effective since you bring your own alcohol and food and are not paying inflated wedding venue prices for those. Our wedding day was exactly as we had hoped and we are so grateful to Su-An and Old Forest School for making it happen. Go for a drive and see this awesome venue.  Su-An will make you a cup of tea, you will get that ‘its meant to be’ feeling, and the rest will be easy!”


Here is a couple of stop motion videos from Hamish and Vicki’s wedding…

You can see some more photos of Hamish and Vicki’s wedding at Old Forest School here