Games (and giggles) galore at wedding venue

There’s always plenty to keep people active and entertained at Old Forest School wedding venue.

From the serve and volley of tennis, to the gentle wrist flicking of petanque, to the pleading “howzat” of cricket to the hip swivelling of hula hoops to the subtle art/science nerve jangling of giant Jenga. There’s more than enough activities to make sure your guests have fun, express their inner competitor and work up a thirst.

People love the opportunity to enjoy your special day while participating in some activities with friends and family. It’s amazing to see how people of all ages participate together. There’s no better  way to reaqauaint with old friends or make some new friends than over a bit of gentle banter and rivalry. Maybe it’s because of the venue’s schoolyard history, maybe it’s because Old Forest School is a unique venue or maybe everyone wants to relive the fond memories from their childhood. Whatever the reason your guests will get huge delight from the open, outdoor spaces and games at Old Forest School.

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